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Free Arturia MiniMoog
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Loneraver    Said...

And now I have an alert on my calander.

14-Jun-12 05:14 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Me 2!

14-Jun-12 05:45 PM

robgs    Said...

I've got the Minimonsta and the Samplemoog. Do I need another virtual Moog? Too bloody right! :-)

14-Jun-12 05:53 PM

rezazel    Said...

Very cool! - also, an excellent way to PO your regular customers :-) Although I fear that Arturia might have sold less than 10 copies of minimoog v over the last year, or they wouldn't be giving it away for free... And I was wondering: what agreement? and why does it end? is another company producing an even better Moog-VST?

15-Jun-12 05:24 AM

Droopy    Said...

which format is it? is it just stand-alone or useful ones like VST, AU, etc. it's not mentioned anywhere, is it?

15-Jun-12 11:13 AM

fx1mark    Said...

thier website will crash.

15-Jun-12 10:12 PM

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