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Reason Upgrades Now Available
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RP    Said...

I don't know why but I was expecting these to be cheaper, they range from $50 to $120. In fairness, that's the average price of a plugin so my point is well flawed.

Still, awesome concept Props

15-Jun-12 09:27 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

I had also hoped the rack extensions would be less money so that I would be able to spend indiscriminately on less than essential plug-ins. Comparisons have been made to the iOS app store - and while it may seem like comparing oranges and apples - Apple has done a pretty good job of separating me from my money.

Currently, it appears many rack extensions in their VST flavor are a better value: for example, Bitspeek costs $49.00 as a rack extension and $29.00 as a VST. I don't know if the disparity is the result of a Propellerhead tariff but the price difference is enough to cause me to reconsider investing in tech that works inside only one DAW.

15-Jun-12 11:14 AM

Piotr    Said...

I guess one reason(!) for price difference is that Props have to makes some money. The other - and more important - point is that REs are NOT just copies of their VST counterparts. They include unique features (mainly the audio / CV modulation options) that are only possible within Reason environment.

17-Jun-12 09:46 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Valid point, Piotr. I did not consider the advantages of integration into Reason's environment so VSTs and REs, in some cases, may not be equivalent. Bitspeek, for example, does have additional features in its RE incarnation: stereo analysis and resynthesis. Still, the price is higher than I'd hoped, and I'm still unsure I want to invest in plugins that work with only one DAW.

17-Jun-12 01:19 PM

MaikU    Said...

Reason sucks. It's good for a newbies, pretty easy interface, but no vst - no game. Don't buy Reason, Get Ableton, Cubase or even Fruity Loops and then search for free ware VST, which are sometimes very great.

31-Aug-12 06:19 PM

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