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New Desktop Studio Interface From MOTU
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Brian from USA    Said...

The base unit looks slick but I hate to think what the breakout cable looks like!

13-Jun-12 07:49 AM

CR78    Said...

Modelled after RME's Babyface with the addition of FW.

13-Jun-12 07:59 AM

Hidden Driveways    Said...

Which, of course was "modelled after" the Apogee Duet with the addition of Windows compatibility, more channels and ADAT I/O.

13-Jun-12 09:09 AM

Dr. Feelgood    Said...

That's a very stingy complement of I/O for $600. I guess the "16" figure is padded by ADAT optical I/O, but of course you can't use that without buying yet another box.

13-Jun-12 11:05 AM

CI    Said...

Just can't wait for the day when a company like MOTU is going to release something like the 24IO but with a control surface to provide basic mixing functionnality when not plugged to a daw

I almost consider all audiocard counting the ADAT ligthpipe in/out as false advertising.

13-Jun-12 08:20 PM

Hidden Driveways    Said...

If you don't count the ADAT as I/O, you're not getting it. If you have a Duet and a cheapy Ultragain PRO-8, you can use a total of two microphones to record a live band into a computer. If you have a Track16 and a PRO-8, you can use 10 microphones to record into your computer. A far cry from false advertising.

14-Jun-12 09:26 AM

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