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Sonic LAB: Yamaha O1V96i Digital Console
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Steve    Said...

How does this compare with say a Presonus StudioLive console? Seems similar in many ways? OK I know there will be differences but they do seem to cater for similar audiences I would have thought!

12-Jun-12 10:58 PM

Nick B    Said...

I dont know to be honest not used one. But I would suspect that the Presonus would be better suited to live use - that is what is is designed towards, the Super channel layout is more in keeping with all parameters at a glance.

13-Jun-12 07:34 AM

Emil    Said...

How does this compare to a Tascam dm4800 digital desk?

19-Jun-12 02:04 PM

Jonathan F    Said...

after my experience with Yamaha and the 01x ..... I'll never touch a digi desk from them again

29-Jun-12 05:17 PM

Bart van B.    Said...

I'm with Jonathan. The mLan-promise of Yamaha includes the 01v96 (versions 1 and 2!) and peolple who invested in their 1-cable-to-rule-them-all equipment are now left with redundant and outdated gear that has no second-hand market-value at all! How could they drop user-support so quickly? If you buy this new desk for thousands of dollars/pounds/euros/etc. you will not be sure if it even works with windows 8 or the next Mac OS. I'm done with Yamaha-gear that need PC/MAC-drivers.

04-Jul-12 09:11 AM

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