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IK Multimedia Launches New Website
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IK Multimedia    Said...

Thanks for the coverage! We are proud of the site but please do send us further suggestions, all. You can visit our forum at or use the contact form on the site. Thanks again!

29-May-12 10:48 AM

Allan    Said...

I like the new site, navigation is an improvement over the previous one.

One complaint though, and a lot of websites seem to do this. In the database for selecting your "Region" you have "Highlands and Islands" which I suppose is fine, but not correct. For example the Highlands are made up of several regions each distinct in their own way, they do not all share the same postal area codes nor do any addresses up here call for "Highlands" to be included, rather the Region, be it Caithness, Sutherland, Lochaber etc.

30-May-12 05:35 AM

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