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Octatrack Updated
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I Don't Like Music    Said...

I can tell a lot of dungeoneering went into the new OS but Elektron fell short of their goal. There are not enough key presses and sub menus! More would make the machine really challenging (read fun) to use.

At the five minute mark in the cheats video when the narrator announces, "We're now ready to sample" you can almost hear the implied "finally" in his tired voice. Elektron really should have hired a gamer or the narrator from "Dragon's Lair" to really sell the new OS. "Octatrack: The fantasy adventure where you become a valiant musician on a quest to free your music from the clutches of an evil alien before your inspiration (or patience) runs out!"

Elektron should also consider adding a dungeon boss to the Pickup machine: a space invader that runs onto the display and gobbles up your loop settings unless you hit the right sequence of pads. In its current state the Pickup machines level is not much of a challenge and is way too easy to solve.

22-May-12 11:16 AM

IAGREE    Said...

I wish sampling was as easy on this as the old Roland Sp-808ex , I wanted this machine but all the video's I watch make it seem like algebra when it should be simple math . Not intuitive at all

23-May-12 01:47 AM

Sleep Distillery    Said...

Agreed ... that was just ridulous. I could code a looper in Max in the amount of time it took to set that up.

23-May-12 11:04 AM

Sleep Distillery    Said...

Yes my spelling is ridiculous!

23-May-12 11:08 AM

Andrew    Said...

Maybe I am wrong, but it sounds like none of you guys actually own an Octatrack.

Regarding the Looper, 2/3 of the video was simply going through the parameter options. The actual process of setting up a looper only takes 30sec-1 min... even quicker once learned. Then once you have set up a pattern/part with the looper/s, they are always ready to go any time you switch on the machine. Really not that hard at all unless you struggle with your I.Q level.

People need to look deeper than the surface before criticising methinks.

23-May-12 11:42 PM

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