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Podcast: SONIC TALK 265 - Baroque Karaoke
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Wildman    Said...

Nice show....worked just as well with one guest. I would like to comment on the theme tune as Nick mentioned it. The choir theme does grow on you and I don't mind it so much now. It was well composed and the use of the East West software was excellently implemented by Kent. By only gripe is that the East WEst choir instrument is a bit long in the tooth now and I always felt sonicstate was a current happening website reflecting modern trends in music giving us the latest news/products etc.....that is why i would like the theme tune to reflect this sentiment, as it is more in tune with the website's philosophy.

10-May-12 11:37 AM

Wildman    Said...

Maybe we need a competition based around making a track with 'Iris'?

10-May-12 01:20 PM

J├╝rgen    Said...

Talking about Keyboard stands: What was that stand the keyboarder of Howard Jones was using with the 2 Launchpads?

13-May-12 10:56 AM

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