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OMG: Retro-fit Robotic Guitar Tuner Coming Soon For 'Any Model' Of Guitar
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mckenic    Said...

This is kinda cool/kinda a bummer - excellent but late! I remember seeing the Tronical stuff in 05/06 and kept hearing, it wont be too costly and its coming REAL soon... Then BOOM - NOTHING. Ages pass and its suddenly on Gibson guitars.

HOPEFULLY they do finally release this stuff for 'ordinary' guitars and for an affordable price! Fingers, toes, eyes and teeth crossed!

03-May-12 08:51 PM

mckenic    Said...

Interest registered and waiting...

Any sign of an update??? Would love to hear something!

22-Oct-12 12:37 AM

anton    Said...

its available for 349 e now... visit the tronicsl site.

01-Feb-13 10:35 AM

abton    Said...

available for 349 €

01-Feb-13 10:36 AM

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