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Sonic LAB: iZotope IRIS Developer Presentation
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Freud    Said...

Someone has a dry mouth - no need to be nervous, it was very well done

02-May-12 07:12 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

This is more of a time waster than FaceBook! Curse you, iZotope!!!

02-May-12 08:16 AM

Derek    Said...

It looks brilliant, even if was more of a SonicAd than a SonicLab. :-)

You can skip 3m00s through 13m00s if you might be insulted by Dave showing off this brilliant instrument with incredibly dull string sounds. :-( Dave and M-Tron are brilliant, but… 10 minutes of "ahhhh" really does sell this beauty short.

02-May-12 09:53 AM

Nick B    Said...

Derek, I thought the title would convey the content a little more clearly - but I have failed there it looks like!

I'm sure you are aright about there being so much more than tron samples, I guess it was inevitable there may be some, but I do think you have over stated that part of it.

Bottom line is that it is a pretty remarkable new instrument.

03-May-12 06:02 AM

Dave Spiers    Said...

@ Derek. Fair point about the tron ahh sound but having watched a few 'names' try and select areas of a spectrogram in which there was no real harmonic, or indeed audio content, my aim was to make it totally obvious as to what the user should look for and what the result of selecting specific harmonics can be.

To some, using strings or choirs are stating the obvious but, as I've seen first-hand, once the fundamental concepts are grasped, the imagination takes hold and the real experiments can begin.

That's when everything can become unique and for me, the limitless potential via a visual perspective is the glory of Iris.

@ Freud.....even after 20 years of doing this kinda thing, I'm still always slightly nervous ;-)

04-May-12 11:21 AM

Blake    Said...

Own it, Love it and it's slowly replacing Kontakt as my sampler app.

It just makes you want to resord stuff and see what you can do with it. You have to really sit down and experiment with it but it's time well spent. ;-)

26-Jun-12 05:59 AM

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