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Interview: Suzy Condrad Loop Artist
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Spider_Dan    Said...

That was freaking amazing!

30-Apr-12 10:00 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Her music isn't my cup of tea, but her performance + technique is truly impressive! Some serious skills/talent there to do what she's doing - that was really cool to watch.

30-Apr-12 11:04 AM

Eric    Said...

Thanks Nick for this video. It's really inspiring.

I wish Suzy Condrad a wonderful career. She deserves it.

30-Apr-12 05:23 PM

al_bot    Said...

I'm in luv.

30-Apr-12 07:23 PM

Pierre M.    Said...

Impressive! I wonder, though, how do you get out of a "bad loop"? Things can't always go perfectly when performing live, how can you recover if you made a bad move at some point in the performance, with this setup? It must be nerve-wrecking to let the music flow and think of all you have to do at the same time!! Hats off to her, really.

30-Apr-12 09:20 PM

rezazel    Said...


01-May-12 04:41 AM

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