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Podcast: Sonic TALK 263 - Loose and Sloppy
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anon    Said...

no video? ;-/

26-Apr-12 09:59 AM

Nick B    Said...

Well there's some. We had a corrupt file which was unfortunately unrecoverable - we tried all sorts.

26-Apr-12 10:48 AM

BMeister    Said...

Hi Nick,

The in-between waveform notching in the MG section of the Mon-Poly you speak of simply augments the lfo speed about 10-20 fold. Hence, when you add modulation, you get a wonderful buzzing effect; something I enjoyed with mine for years.

26-Apr-12 08:40 PM

Ian Page-Echols    Said...

Thought you guys would appreciate this with the talk of Jetson's or Flintstones electric car audio tracks. It's an electric scooter that a pizza chain had an audio track created for:

27-Apr-12 03:02 AM

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