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Polyphonic Synthesizer For iOS
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Toltek    Said...

What is it with devs NOT releasing universal versions of their apps..?! Very disappointing indeed :(

13-Apr-12 08:45 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Ermmm - how about limited development funds? Wanting to make sure it works and it brings in money first? Wanting to release it in a limited way so support won't be overwhelmed when customers have questions? Or perhaps simply because they prefer developing there? I think it's safe to assume that given unlimited means to develop, developers would want to sell as much soft synths to as many customers on as many platforms as possble.

13-Apr-12 10:17 AM

Eman    Said...

Everyone get this now!!! Its awesomely powerful synth!!! Its the new king of synth in iOS!!! Get it right now!!!

16-Apr-12 08:03 PM

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