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TRAKTOR Gets A Major Revamp
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codec    Said...

This is NI's first foray away from an open midi controller system. Only the top row of sample slots can be designated to 3rd party MIDI controllers. The rest can only be controlled by the F1,(With a loose promise of future support). It's the old "release now, fix it later" story.

It seems like NI is finally making good money with the DJ market, and are moving forward with the closed controller system to increase sales of hardware. I am suspicious of this direction especially after NI abandoned the unfinished Kore platform.

My other complaint is against the tech-support for Traktor at NI. It seems that every NI tech-support call I've had addressing Traktor issues has ended with "sorry we couldn't help you, it's a known issue". I'm a bit burned at this point, and won't be buying the rainbow-brite controller until they resolve Traktor's other blatant software issues. they also need to give some love to the synth line, and not just release Reaktor patches for sale.

What happened to the NI we knew and loved?

28-May-12 05:01 AM

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