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MESSE12: Brilliant demo of Yamaha DTX560K E-Drums
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Kechuan    Said...

Great demo vid!

29-Mar-12 07:14 AM

anom    Said...

Emre is a fantastic performer. But to say that the Yamaha kit sounds great is a stretch.

29-Mar-12 09:09 AM

Me    Said...

Anyone know what the first song he played along with is?

29-Mar-12 01:53 PM

steve gilbert    Said...

wrong product description on this, it's a DTX560K

30-Mar-12 05:22 AM

Andy Mac    Said...

Yep - an errant 'Z' got in the system... should be all OK now - been diZinfected ;-]

31-Mar-12 10:57 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

What a fantastic drummer - the dream of every bass player!

03-Apr-12 05:58 AM

craig    Said...

What the hell? Couldn't you get someone that's GOOD to demo this rig?

:) Em... your killing it bro, I gotta admit, it makes me want to look at one of those kits! Love the "no dynamics" portion. Dope.



03-Apr-12 11:38 AM

gaz    Said...

great playing, no doubt about that! the dynamics were questionable. i could hear very little change in volume between hard and soft hits on the drums/cymbals. On the real thing you can play from barely audible to painfully loud. Pretty common issue on electronic kits I guess.

03-Apr-12 02:07 PM

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