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Two New Effects For The iStomp
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AndyB    Said...

This iStomp thing is fantastically poor value.

Compared to their competitors (Line 6, Zoom etc.) who include all the effects you need in their multi effect pedals (Line 6 M5)... Digitech want to charge another $2 for each download.

$2 for an effect that mutes the signal, really? What a con!

01-Apr-12 02:36 PM

ChimRichalds    Said...

Only problem is that multi-effect units traditionally sound like garbage unless you spend several hundreds of dollars, and even then most don't give you a lot of good sounding effects. You can pick up an iStomp for about $100 bucks (I got mine for 80) and for 20 bucks you can buy 5 or so good sounding effects (possibly more, new models premier at .99 cents). This particular pedal model might be kind of silly, but overall I think the iStomp is pretty sweet.

28-Nov-12 02:55 PM

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