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MESSE12: StudioLogic Sledge
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Cecil    Said...

does it have any good sounds?

22-Mar-12 04:48 PM

JJ    Said...

I like the concept and layout and most likely the waldorf wavetables too.

But I do not like that yellow color at all. I want a discrete synth, please release it in plain black!

22-Mar-12 05:08 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Interesting. I'll be sure to check it out when it arrives. I like the layout, and I love the Waldorf Blofeld, which this seems to be similar to sonically.

It'd be nice to have a Multi or combi mode with it like the Blofeld though... Even a 4-way split/layer function would be great. Time will tell.

22-Mar-12 05:39 PM

Jesus Wavetables    Said...

'Needs more garlic' - Nice, interesting, perhaps a bit anonymous though. How does it differ from say the blofeld? I think if they develop the wavetable component and/or give it some unique qualities they have a winner. Hard to tell from a video but studiologic/fatar make some fabulous keys. Keep us posted.

22-Mar-12 05:47 PM

s r dhain (juicyaudio)    Said...

i love the future-retro fonts & styling and the wasp-y style colour scheme. I hope it's at least bi-timbral by the time it hits the street.

22-Mar-12 07:27 PM

Ashe    Said...

Studiologic web site says its only 8 voice poly...

23-Mar-12 07:24 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...


I like the yellow colour. Nothing worse than a black keyboard.

23-Mar-12 03:49 PM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

I do like this, its different, it looks good and was well demonstrated

24-Mar-12 03:51 AM

RedWalks    Said...

..The world should offer more KISS technologies, keep it simple and stupid :-P

24-Mar-12 04:01 PM

Gustavo    Said...

I like it. Not because of the sound but because of the hardware. Sure you may get a blofeld module for less than half of the price. But what their aim here is the interface not the engine. Any engine is good for most things, but it is sometimes the interface what keeps the user from getting the sounds he wants.

If only it was multitimbral or at least had a vocoder it would be totally a killer synth. But at this price it is competing with the NL2x which is 4 part multitimbral and I´d rather have that.

25-Mar-12 03:37 PM

Nick B    Said...

Yes I agree, it was more about the interface. The sound became more viceral due to that fact that you can instinctively program it rather than dive into menus. Effectively this is a bespoke MIDI controller for the Blofeld engine - which I dont mind at all. If the surface also transimts MIDI per knob, then you have a fairly universal analog subtractive synth controller right there - nice.

26-Mar-12 05:08 PM

Flux302    Said...

when I played this at namm I absolutely loved it. it felt and sounded really raw and aggressive. I was sad that at namm they didn't have monitors set up to it (and next to no info on it save for talking to the ceo) I love it. and I love the brash yellow styling... more synths should have character like this! screw plain jane every synth black or white styling...

26-Mar-12 08:05 PM

UnunseptiumWarehouse    Said...

I like how they got a real man from the 70's to demonstrate it. It's always the attention to detail that's important when launching a retro synth.

20-Aug-12 06:46 AM

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