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MESSE12: Korg MicroKeys
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redmusichouse    Said...

Wait - so the 25-key has a sustain button but the 37 & 61-keys don't have any means to control sustain? That doesn't make much sense. Come on Korg, add a sustain input jack already, or come out with a usb sustain pedal!

21-Mar-12 12:38 PM

Louis    Said...

sustain should be on the 49 and 61 keyboards

21-Mar-12 03:02 PM    Said...

How Micro are these? THe keys look short obviously but are they a proper width, or are they reduced by width as well?

21-Mar-12 09:46 PM

dspig    Said...

1 octave span is 14 cm, but if you can cope with the small keys these are the best small keys I've ever played.

22-Mar-12 04:35 AM

ERic    Said...

no aftertouch. Is the industry leaving aftertouch off because they don't think we want it? I know I do.

22-Mar-12 01:32 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I'm with Eric... I use aftertouch at least as much as the mod wheel. I can't buy a synth that doesn't have it. Back in the day, even low end gear (Yamaha SY-22, Kawai K1, etc.) made use of aftertouch. Now, only the highest end synths and workstations seem to use it. And the Blofeld keyboard (nice action on that one too!)

24-Mar-12 12:28 PM

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