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MESSE12: Eowave Magma
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roobee    Said...

slides? for the acid :-)

21-Mar-12 12:59 PM

Loneraver    Said...

Anybody else having trouble getting the iOS video to load?

21-Mar-12 01:03 PM

frb    Said...

This is like a analogue monosynth plague ! magma, minibrute, mopho, .... really market for all this stuff ???? I think kids play with them a couple of weeks, get bored, and sell them.

21-Mar-12 02:24 PM

RDMD    Said...

...and then grown ups like me buy them and add them to their arsenal.

21-Mar-12 02:39 PM

Voltage Controlled Mind    Said...

amazing punchy basslines (Legendary SH-101 as nominated) it can produce....easy and plug-ins can reach even close to it....The latter is for kids I would say the built-in sequencer makes it twice perfect! Eager to get it!

22-Mar-12 02:56 AM

rez_azel    Said...

I like the design. Very nice.

22-Mar-12 05:10 AM

s r dhain (juicyaudio)    Said...

this is lovely and different from the usual "grey or black" faced stuff.

22-Mar-12 07:15 AM

ERic    Said...

Has my attention. I want one. will it be sold in the US?

22-Mar-12 01:29 PM


Cool design, and the sounds not bad... will see the price.

22-Mar-12 01:40 PM

Woo    Said...

600 euros? Seems a wee bit expensive.

25-Mar-12 07:30 PM

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