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MESSE12: Propellerheads Figure - New iOS App
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curiosity killed the cat    Said...

Can it export to bigbrother Reason (RNS-format)?

21-Mar-12 08:51 AM

Skyle    Said...

I agree, in hoping it can transfer data to Reason. Who wants to release a track from figure? Then again it might just be seen as an idea tool for a producer, over producing on the go.

21-Mar-12 10:57 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Unfortunately, it appears the sound-set is fixed and you can't bring your own presets from Reason into Figure. I hope the app is not as limited and inflexible as NI iMaschine.

I am very impressed by the work that went into the interface. One of the developers described the process as creating a motion or shape on the performance pad and then using the wheels to filter the data. While there are obvious comparisons between Figure and Korg iKaossilator, Figure appears to allow the user greater control over the performance; for example, the wheel that distributes the notes across the playing area and the ability to change the rhythm of the performance.

Despite the possibility of being unable to use the app in any serious way, the price is a steal for what appears to be a cheap and cheerful app.

21-Mar-12 11:49 AM

DJDDay    Said...

Epic Flash fail. Would like to view this iOS device video on an iOS device... Sonic State needs to update their web codecs..

21-Mar-12 07:28 PM

DJDDay    Said...

D'oh! Never ye mind, kind sirs. I just saw the iOS mp4 link below. Heh...

21-Mar-12 07:38 PM

Polvonbek    Said...

nice app but the only problem is that how do the none intagsram users register a intagsram account, new account registration is currently disabled from intagsrams website so the only way for people to register a new account is too use the app on a idevice. is their any alternative to this as i personaly dont own a idevice

17-Sep-13 09:07 AM

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