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MESSE12: Perfectly Angled Desktop Monitor
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speelycaptor    Said...

A potentially great product, that i'd be interested to buy, but what about people using studio desks where the monitor is already on ear level. with the fixed angle stand it is useless to me unfortunately and i won't change my studio desk just to update my BM5a's

21-Mar-12 09:22 AM

CR78    Said...


You would need to use some Mopads(or the like) to offset the angle of these monitors; they would then sit flat and the speakers would point straight at your head.

21-Mar-12 01:09 PM

srb    Said...

In the DBM50 manual, Dynaudio says to put the speakers on their sides angled toward the center when placing on a monitor bridge shelf.

19-Jul-12 08:45 PM

Jinx    Said...

What is the control surface in the video?

15-Aug-12 05:56 AM

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