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MESSE12: New Roland Jupiter
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PorkyPine    Said...

No aftertouch?

Any idea of the price? Is this the new Juno?

21-Mar-12 05:12 AM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

Oh dear

21-Mar-12 06:57 AM

Sir Synth    Said...

Awsome... Couldn't afford the Jupiter-80 so this is perfect! Come to daddy!

21-Mar-12 07:27 AM

xyzzy    Said...

Groovebox alert: "contemporary"

Boring alert: words "analog modelling" not detected

21-Mar-12 08:40 AM

speelycaptor    Said...

i have the feeling that Frankfurt will be all about spinn-offs and IOs accessories this year. Hope that someone can prove me wrong though

21-Mar-12 09:18 AM

Dr. Feelgood    Said...

Wow, I just checked out the demo and I have to say that the Jupiter 50 sounds terrible. From what I can hear even my JD-990 sounds better than the Jup 50 presets. The sound is very thin and digital. Color me unimpressed. What a shame that Roland has to taint the JP-8 legend in this way!

21-Mar-12 12:58 PM

frb    Said...

Nord Lead 2X is the best VA in the world, forget jupiters ans saturns !!

21-Mar-12 02:28 PM

nobody    Said...

played it, hate it.

21-Mar-12 05:36 PM

eightysboy    Said...

one mistake of a failed synth (Jupiter 80) wasnt enough they had to repeat the mistake. i hope these "fake" jupiter synths drive them broke. already the Jupiter 80 is selling for peanuts on ebay. no-one wants them, those that brought them feel ripped off.


22-Mar-12 12:08 AM

Dr. Feelgood    Said...

THAT is a very good idea: re-releasing the Jupiter 8. A JP-8 with modern-day circuitry and reliability? That would be worth at least $2-3K to me and I would buy that gladly.

22-Mar-12 06:06 PM

Dr. Feelgood    Said...

Even the Roland Groove Boxes sound better than this thing does.. I'm amazed!

22-Mar-12 06:07 PM

Jesonf    Said...

Looks more like roland put a JP80 into a juno stage!!!

23-Mar-12 07:03 PM

Synth    Said...

I don't like this at all! Sounds very thin and harsh. Even the piano sounds like a Casio. I watched a video in which keyboard magazine says that it can imitate any sound that the Jupiter 8 can do and I beg to differ. I am even more disappointed in this spin off than I am in the Jupiter 80. I have played the JP80 and though it has some cool sounds, it is not worth more than $1,000.00. I wish that Roland would just reissue the original JP8. Luckily I own a JP8. I grabbed one before the price goes north of 10k, and as long as Roland keeps producing crap like this, the original Jupiter will continue to climb.

27-Mar-12 01:31 PM


This is my Jupiter 8. The new Jupiters sound nothing like this. The Jupiter 8 and other analogs sound alive, even with outboard effects on them.

27-Mar-12 03:12 PM

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