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MESSE12: New Nord Electro
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synthman    Said...

Just what we need another organ. And a red one at that.

19-Mar-12 01:17 PM

Joyous S.    Said...

That's exactly what we need. Thank you Nord!

19-Mar-12 01:22 PM

Soul Kiss    Said...

The real drawbars/sliders are a welcome improvement over the buttons they've been using for years - assuming they've come up with a sturdy design. The light weight is desirable for carrying to gigs, but has never really been great for playing - the keyboard runs away from you if you haven't a way to make it stay in place. Waterfall keys are nice for organ playing, feels wrong for Rhodes and Wurly.

19-Mar-12 03:08 PM

JJ    Said...

Wake me up when there's a new Nord Modular.

20-Mar-12 04:28 AM

Hidden Driveways    Said...

Is this a replacement for the Electro 3, or an additional model?

20-Mar-12 09:07 AM

JO    Said...

I am so extremely tired of the red design. Please, Clavia- it's about time you make these available in other paints. I get the "red means Clavia branding" thing, but now the design keeps me from updating to a new one.

20-Mar-12 11:07 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I'm with Joyous on this one. Finally, real drawbars!! I may trade in my Stage Compact for this.

20-Mar-12 02:52 PM

Peter K.    Said...

...but yeah, a new Modular would be amazing!!

20-Mar-12 02:56 PM

Benedict J.    Said...

I was SOOO sure Clavia were going to announce a Wave 2 :(

I read that the "Electro" range alone constitutes 90% of all Nord sales, so it makes sense that they're expanding the range with the physical drawbars and mock-hammer action (not to be confused with the real hammer action on the Stage or Piano).

I would have preferred to see a Wave 2, but as Clavia are proudly advertising their THREE M.I.P.A. awards (for the NordDrum, Piano 2 and C4D Organ) - so what do I know, eh?

20-Mar-12 11:32 PM

C. parker    Said...

"The Click-modeling has been improved "

You know that's what really kept me from an electro - bad, sad clicks man. You got to have your clicks together.

21-Mar-12 06:01 AM

Organlover    Said...

That looks like sliders to me, not drawbars ... Not quite the same thing!

21-Mar-12 08:29 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I tried an Electro 4 at a product demonstration for music store staff - I had inadvertently walked in the middle of it. I can say 100% that the Nord's drawbars feel amazing. I'm an organ freak, and own the real deal. They felt like drawbars, not sliders. You'll love them!

29-Jun-12 07:21 PM

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