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Unboxing: Moog Minitaur
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Lonnie    Said...

Dear Nick, for the upcoming review of the Minitaur, please be the first one who shows the speed or snap of the discrete envelopes. Every other demo I saw on the internet showed only steady, long bass sounds (boring!). I'm more interested in those plucked basses. Please show us some snappy, short plucked and slightly detuned basses, thanks.

08-Mar-12 01:19 PM

Sam    Said...

Dear Nick, I guess it's hard to break some habits. It's [mohg] not [moog]. Practice before taping the full review! ;-)

08-Mar-12 02:26 PM

DarkVince    Said...

Dear Nick, it seems there's no memory to store a few sounds, right? Is there any additional software provided to control the Minitaur (VST plug-in or stand alone editor/library manager)? At least can we use MIDI CC messages to change the parameters in real time? Thanks.

08-Mar-12 05:59 PM

Darren    Said...

Hi Nick, we've heard a lot of buzzy basses from this thing. What's it like for in your face deep, sub bass?

08-Mar-12 06:03 PM

Darren    Said...

.... Also, reading the manual I can see a fair few features accessible via MIDI. would be good to hear more about some of these ;-)

08-Mar-12 06:12 PM

Bonzo    Said...

Hi Nick Could you please show its capabilities as a lead synth if possible? Also what it's like compared to the slim patty? Thanks

08-Mar-12 06:31 PM

IgorCr    Said...

Hi Nick! I'd like to see how does it handle other synth sounds, other than bass ones. You could explore the modulation part a bit (assignable controls for example). Thanks!

08-Mar-12 08:51 PM

DBM    Said...

There is indeed an editor for storing patches offline as well as the Midi only features .

I know it's range stops at note 72 , but In your demo it would be nice to here it's highest range in action too . The filter is supposed to be stable up to 20hz too so that would be a cool demo to do too .

08-Mar-12 09:58 PM

A sound designer    Said...

Could you please show it's sound design capabilities, both for taking inputs and for making it's own wild and unmusical sounds?

You know it's got to be good when you hear it out of the box, un-programmed, filters open and it's sound just screams "I'm a sexy beast".

09-Mar-12 02:19 AM

Robert Borries    Said...

Are the envelopes in software digital or real analog? Can the pitch range be expanded into higher octaves with the CV input? What is the difference of "Note sync" and "Oscillator Sync".

09-Mar-12 03:38 AM

Brazda lui Novac    Said...

what Lonnie and Robert said...

09-Mar-12 05:00 AM

jonowise    Said...

yes would like to know how "clicky" a fast attack/decay sound isLonnie check out the jams some of the session musician guys were doing at Namm some is quite sticatto!

09-Mar-12 05:43 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

It would of been a great instrument if it had the ability to store patches. I will be waiting for the Minitaur II.

09-Mar-12 09:49 AM

Derek    Said...

Along the lines of sound design curiosity and snappy envelopes: I'd be curious to see if you can make a bass drum kick of any kind. :-)

09-Mar-12 10:31 AM

Let down by IPAD state.    Said...

I don not believe my eras and eyes that where absolutely no references to apple, what is up with you man? No I pad praise and fetishism. This is a very sad day for IPAD state. What the fuck next

10-Mar-12 08:45 AM

gunnare    Said...

I always like your reviews. I would like you to say something about how it sounds compared to little phatty/voyager/old minis. And I would like to hear it played as a lead synth with the highest note (c5, 72).

10-Mar-12 09:55 AM

Gowrishankar    Said...

Hi Nick, I want to know how it works well with a DAW...

10-Mar-12 03:24 PM

Svante    Said...

Hi, put it through the Yamaha combo in the background and record some nice sounds!

12-Mar-12 12:47 PM

Bjarne D.    Said...

"Moog" as in "vogue"! And I would very much like to know what external things will sound like thru the filter and the envelopes!

12-Mar-12 05:30 PM

bob1    Said...

Dear Nick,

please comment on the knob quality, not just the metal chassis, the wobbly nature of the phatties made me save more money and go directly for the voyager. With the obvious competition Doepfer DE and Vermona ML everything was built rock solid. Oh and if you by chance have the resources please make some predictions about 18" installations and brown notes, these little studio monitors are not doing a serious bass synth justice. thanks

14-Mar-12 09:09 AM

Darren    Said...

Man, I can't wait for the review. I hope it's a good long video covering lots & lots of stuff. I'm anticipating this synth I think more than anything in recent years! Why is this?! Because it's an affordable (sic) Moog? Or am I genuinely stoked about the demos I've heard so far? I've impressed with these but why? Does it really sound that good or is it just Moog syndrome?!

15-Mar-12 06:36 AM

Dogboy73    Said...

Dear Nick,

Post the friggin review already!! :D I'm going crazy for more Minitaur!! Why is that!?!

16-Mar-12 05:32 AM

Cpt.Minitaur    Said...

Will you get that review uploaded before you bugger off to Musikmesse?! Pleeeeaasee?!?!? :D

16-Mar-12 07:10 AM

alex    Said...

NO Fu.. Pulse width modulation??? PWM???


and no noise source?? and no square/s&h LFO??? and no preset?

so sad.. it was my choice and now I think I will have to wait for the boomstar...

27-Mar-12 02:05 PM

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