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Apple Launches The iPad 3
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schweet    Said...

But more importantly... Garageband has been updated so you can FINALLY edit your midi notes! Yipee!!

Now it's a great Logic Pro mobile sketch pad (for those of us who don't have the best live keyboard skillzzz)

08-Mar-12 05:34 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Woo Hoo! "The New iPad (not iPad 3)"! I live in South Korea and here's a juicy fact: the basic 16GB iPad is 34% cheaper over here than in the UK!

UK: 399 GBP South Korea: 263.91 GBP (500,000 KWN)

I know which country I'll be picking a few up for my F&F in before coming home for xmas ;)

08-Mar-12 10:34 AM

Dioma Paul Puyat    Said...

Hey Benedict Johnson, do you know when will the new ipad be release in South Korea? And are you sure that it will be cheaper than in UK??

14-Mar-12 06:36 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Hey Dioma, Those are the figures, you can check for yourself. As for the release date, the guys in the Apple store don't even seem to know themselves. Can't imagine it'll be more than a month

16-Mar-12 12:13 AM

whatup    Said...

That's the price for the iPad 2 16GB, not the new iPad (iPad 3) Apple has lowered the price for iPad 2 in many countries by 20%.

20-Mar-12 08:05 PM

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