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Sonic LAB: KMI 12 Step Foot Controller/Keyboard
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worldblee    Said...

Cool, nice overview. Felt like you summmed up its strengths and weaknesses well.

07-Mar-12 12:15 PM

Tom @ KMI    Said...

Tom from KMI here. First, thanks for the review! Nice overview indeed. I wanted to comment here to say that 12 Step DOES work with the iPad family. To do this you just need to power the 12 Step from the MIDI Expander so that it's not drawing too much power from the iPad.

09-Mar-12 04:12 PM

Hugh    Said...

Great review - thanks. And without any of the usual ego, "Wassup" long intros and nonsense! And thanks to your summary of everything I've been reading today, and well-qualified recommendation, I think the 12 Step will work for me.

06-Oct-13 02:30 PM

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