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Review: Amazing Machines MIDITRIBE IO
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DirtyPulse    Said...

Gratulation Nick. This is another Promotion for Korg.How much money did you receive from Korg?

21-Feb-12 04:15 PM

Eric    Said...

I don't like these sorts of solution...

KORG should have included a USB/MIDI interface directly. It wouldn't have increased the price of the MONOTRIBE significantly. $40 or so.

21-Feb-12 05:48 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I was looking into the Monotribe a bit, but couldn't get past the ribbon keyboard. This is a decent solution, and the synth does sound good. Of course MIDI I/O would have probably encouraged me to buy it in the first place, but at least this is a workable compromise.

It's nice to see reviews of third party accessories from small companies to really see if they're legit and work as stated. Thanks for the review, Nick!

22-Feb-12 11:55 PM

Pete Vomex    Said...

Thank you for the review. Monotribe with miditribe is an affordable solution for mini-modular setups like mine. You can use it for funny things: ...and the OSC and filter sounds very good. That's all.

02-Mar-13 09:41 AM

John    Said...

Just got Altmustech Monotribe USB option board, more convinient and only usd25

11-Jun-13 02:15 AM

Jerry    Said...

Ups... only $64 plus $24 Lol :) MIDI and USB mod both only for $25 with worldwide shipping :)

13-Apr-14 09:37 PM

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