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Learn To Produce Dubstep
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NJ    Said...

Next tutorial: how to wipe your ass without help...

17-Feb-12 09:57 AM

:oP    Said...

Next tutorial: how to be a cynical online poster... (guess your already got the beta version of that one NJ)

18-Feb-12 12:02 AM

Wildman    Said...

Next Tutorial: How to restrict free speech by trying to embarrass the cynical online poster.

18-Feb-12 04:09 AM

NQU7Y    Said...

for the lolz

19-Feb-12 07:19 AM

Ghandi    Said...

This is where it's at, dub step tutorial essentials for PHREE!

22-Feb-12 03:33 AM

NJ    Said...

:oP :

If you really need a tutorial to make dubstep, you definitely need this one:

22-Feb-12 05:30 AM

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