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Eric Clapton Isolated Guitar Track 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'
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I'd be surprised if Lennon is on this track --- just my opine.

08-Feb-12 08:21 PM

Paul    Said...

To the best of my knowledge Lennon didn't play on the track at all.

09-Feb-12 02:02 AM

Amped Editor    Said...

Yeah I thought that as well, but it just doesn't sound like the same guitar to me all the way through. That could well be a production thing though, and I'm sure that George only played acoustic on this, so the only other option would Lennon.

It was just a thought, and I'd love to find out for sure if there is anybody in the know about this!

Thanks for the comments guys,


09-Feb-12 07:41 AM

Dre    Said...

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10-Feb-12 04:45 PM

Big Poppa    Said...

At the time of this recording, Clapton was still relying mainly on Gibsons, and hadn't adopted the Strat as his go-to guitar. In fact, it was recorded before Cream had disbanded. Several accounts have him playing a Les Paul on this recording.

13-Feb-12 01:50 PM

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