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ReCycle Updated
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I Don't Like Music    Said...

I was tempted to buy the software a few months back but decided that it's only a matter of time before Propellerheads roll Recycle into Reason. I was burned once with Record, and while the Props made good with their pay what you want upgrade scheme, I'm none too eager to follow another convoluted upgrade path. And if I'm going to drop $200.00 on music software, I'd rather give Logic a go. With Logic's "convert region to sampler track" function I'd get similar results and a lot more besides.

01-Feb-12 09:58 AM

RP    Said...

I've been using Recycle since version 1 and love what it does, but I agree 100%. For the money, I would rather throw a few extra dollars and get Logic or the likes as RC is a one trick pony. They should have redesigned the application as a tool in Reason 6 and just kept everything together.

02-Feb-12 11:29 AM

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