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WNAMM12: Akai MPC Fly Under Glass
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audionerd    Said...

Sweet little music laptop.

25-Jan-12 06:18 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Yay! More vaporware!

Seriously, though, it would be nice if we could actually see this in production. I've just become extremely skeptical of their projections on when their products might be available. That's sad.

25-Jan-12 06:54 AM

Broseph    Said...

The website is not

25-Jan-12 07:26 AM

Eric    Said...

It's not a practical solution, since the Ipad sits vertically and acts as a screen. In this configuration it's difficult to manipulate it while playing the MPC pads.

Ideally both should sit next to one another: one hand adjusting the parameters on the Ipad, the other triggering the MPC pads.

25-Jan-12 10:21 AM

DBM    Said...

@ Eric : it can also lay flat ... perhaps at an angle too . That said no reason you can't use the app alone without this thing ( I'm very weary of these devices that charge the iPad as it's battery has a cycle life ) or even with what ever core midi class compliant device you already have ....MPD26/32 anyone ?

25-Jan-12 02:25 PM

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