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WNAMM12: Nord Drum in The VP Suite
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Juno    Said...

'Please ignore the hooker in the background, comes with the VIP suite :)'

I don't know, much as I want to love this because of my good experiences with Nord over the just seems so unimpressive. I really don't think there's enough of a market out there for it. Time will tell I guess

23-Jan-12 03:23 PM

Jean Fran├žois Loza    Said...

He didn't really show it off very well but it's got some really good sounds as well as immense amount of sensitivity for dynamic playing! Gotta get you hands on one and review yourselves Sonic State! ;)

I think it needs Stereo out as well as panning function and a computer based editor!

23-Jan-12 08:02 PM

:(    Said...

Mono out FAIL

23-Jan-12 09:19 PM

NAME    Said...

Such a let down! The cost of the stereo out might have blown next years VIP suite budget. Nord Drumb the no brains drum brain?

23-Jan-12 09:46 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Mono Output? No USB MIDI?

I was expecting Doug McClure to demo it, as it surely must be the drum synth that time forgot.

Great review as always though.

23-Jan-12 10:23 PM

Jean Fran├žois Loza    Said...

WHy doesn't it have multiple outputs? WHY???

06-Feb-12 09:46 PM

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