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WNAMM12: Korg Updates Roundup
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hiltonius    Said...

intro followed by 4 minutes of black screen and no audio

21-Jan-12 07:33 AM

Tommy Runkle    Said...

And that's about what you'd expect from Korg these days.

21-Jan-12 07:45 AM

selercs    Said...

Stop whining guys. Korg still puts out good stuff. No need to be bitter just because you can't afford a Kronos!

21-Jan-12 08:35 AM

Name    Said...

that's about right news from Korg.

21-Jan-12 03:04 PM

Spritz    Said...

I doubt hiltonious can't afford one ;-)

We're all anxious to watch the video, nick pls upload a working on when you have a chance, thx!

21-Jan-12 05:38 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I'm in love with my Kronoses. I dumped six keyboards to get a 73 and 61. Haven't looked back. Version 1.5 is amazing, as are many of the new sound banks. It lets me do everything I need from a keyboard at super high quality. The best digital gear I own.

21-Jan-12 11:49 PM

Rob    Said...

I didn't see much I liked.

23-Jan-12 10:04 PM

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