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WNAMM12: Korgs New Mini Kaoss Pad Kaossillator 2
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gridsleep    Said...

Well, gee, I guess I'll just keep throwing money at Korg, considering these make my originals look like crap.

No, actually, I get a fair amount of utility from using a ZOOM HD3N as a recording device. These new ones are more pocket friendly but not necessarily replacement ready.

21-Jan-12 05:25 AM

Sarcastic English Man    Said...

Maybe you can play us out with some more of your great work, Sarcasm at its best

21-Jan-12 06:35 AM

EMwhite    Said...

Surprised the Korg bloke did such a poor job putting down that riff; I suppose he's slightly better than the guy that Casio had demo'ing their new synth.

But on the positive side, these mini's look like they are packed with value. If it had a Midi output and could push CCs via an 1/8" to Din, I'd pick one up.

21-Jan-12 01:37 PM

juicy audio    Said...

thanks for such a slew of great vids as usual, and when we meet again (who knows where, who knows when, etc), ill get you a proper drink this time ;-)

coming back to this dynamic duo, i love both, but only have ONE question. On the KP f/x unit, it has an MP3 playing capability. Perhaps at this price point its asking for a bit too much, but does it also have the ability to store multiple tracks like a true mp3 player and maybe even some kind of basic cue list, just to access different tracks etc?

in any case, im sold on the KP f/x..especially with the expanded storage...neat and tasty.

22-Jan-12 09:07 AM

Brian    Said...

Be warned! The Korg Mini-KP had the bad flaw of drastically lowering your output volume. If Korg (who ignored complaints) hasn't fixed this issue for the Mini-KP 2, there is NO REASON to buy it.

23-Jan-12 11:54 PM

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