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WNAMM12: Arturia Minibrute
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Spider_Dan    Said...

In my opinion this is the most exciting synth at NAMM. The functionality and price point slay the Moog Minitaur which I was initially so excited about.

20-Jan-12 08:07 PM

pizzdizzle    Said...

This is like a modern day SH-101. SUper Cheap, super cool. As long as those shoddy looking sliders hold up, this thing might kick some ass.

20-Jan-12 08:19 PM

notme    Said...

Those knobs and sliders looks crappy... Nevertheless, it seems like a cool instrument, no menu diving and great sound.

20-Jan-12 09:17 PM

Slug    Said...

Winner! I will buy one asap.

20-Jan-12 09:59 PM

DocAtlas    Said...

It sounds nice, but a 12 POLE filter? I think he means 12 db/octave; Arturia's website lists it as a 2 pole filter, which sounds a little more realistic.

21-Jan-12 10:51 AM

juicy audio    Said...

im sold...i want one!

21-Jan-12 04:02 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Yeah, what Slug said!!

21-Jan-12 11:25 PM

shaneking    Said...

If the filter is any good then this thing is a double bargain. Even if you never use it as a synth being able to filter external audio makes it a decent $500 investment. The CV interface is an added bonus. I think I might have to have one of these. I get the impression it is going to be a quirky and unique synth. If the envelopes are fast enough it could become a great drum synth.

22-Jan-12 02:03 PM

Dzejms    Said...

This wins NAMM

22-Jan-12 04:15 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

No preset memory, one voice, the smallest keyboard I have ever seen. Does not look like a winner for me. I wish they would charge more and give me a real useful analog synth. A keyboard version Mopho is a better bet for real performing musicians. It will be a fun toy to play around with I sure.

23-Jan-12 08:03 AM

Subsonix    Said...

Like the sound of it but the idea of patch sheets kills it for me... had enough of that 20 years ago, lol. Also no MIDI control of the parameters.

A rackmountable version with patch memories and full MIDI spec would get my vote.

23-Jan-12 10:24 AM

Andrew    Said...

This looks really great. A cool little synth I look forward to having fun with and probably the best thing at a disappointing NAMM this year.

23-Jan-12 02:57 PM

castratii    Said...

I agree its a modern sh101 they should add a keytar grip.

Its the only synth in years that I am actually thinking about buying. (and I own an sh101)

08-Feb-12 10:51 AM

Kenneth    Said...

"This is a new synth with a 100% analog signal path" ... "The arpeggiator is digital"

13-Apr-12 01:23 AM

Robbie    Said...

Can we please get a Nick Batt review of this?

07-May-12 08:31 PM

Robbie    Said...

Can we please get a Nick Batt review of this?

07-May-12 08:31 PM

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