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WNAMM12: Moog Show Off Their Minitaur
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool product - well thought out as well!

20-Jan-12 07:30 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Agreed. I ordered one last week. Can't wait! I love my T-3's, but this is way more practical, and if you don't need presets, is much better in several key ways.

21-Jan-12 11:34 PM

Pretender FooFighterFreak    Said...

1-22-12 After receiving a Tweet from BILLY SHEEHAN, I ck'd the NAMM 'Moog Mini' article & vid out. 1st Musicians I thought of are LINKIN PARK & DJ under the name of: 'deamau5' who has many CDs & Sold out Large shows. HE also did a REMIX of my Pals the Foo Fighters & their HIT Song'ROPE' from the 'Wasting Light' Cd produced by BUTCH VIG. 'ROPE Remix' by 'deamau5' Is up for a Grammy Nomination, from what I've been told & what I've read. The Foo Fighters have 6 GRAMMY Nominations for this CD including BEST ROCK ALBUM, BEST SINGLE,(Vid); & Even BUTCH VIG (from NEVERMIND Cd with Nirvana & for the 20th Anniversary of CD) has been nominated as BEST PRODUCER OF THE YEAR. deamau5 comes under the BEST Remix Catagory, I'm told. It is spectacular! LOVE your little MINI Moog! I will spread the word on your product. ANY WAY TO SEND/Share to TWITTER? I'd love to Send to the Foo Fighters & a few other Bands. Thanks! PEACE!

22-Jan-12 12:29 PM

Pretender FooFighterFreak    Said...

1-23 CORRECTION on Typo of DJ name. IT IS 'Deadmau5'. I've also sent a msg. at Facebook to him. what are the prices outside U.S.? Like CANADA?

23-Jan-12 05:30 AM

mattsynth    Said...

No preset memory. What a bummer. I do like all the knobs. A Slim Phatty is a better bet for me.

23-Jan-12 08:06 AM

AAA    Said...

Competition: how many times does this guy say "aaaaa"..

26-Jan-12 05:27 PM

Jack    Said...

55 "aaaas".. I win.

10-Mar-12 09:15 AM

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