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WNAMM12: New Electric Guitars From Taylor
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Hoi    Said...

Bass Guitar:-Used to keep the beat-Usually doesnt chgane his tempoGuitar:-Plays the actuall music-Usualy does chgane his tempo-Best bet for beginersElectric Guitar:-Trickier then an acoustic guitar-Need an amp.-Has same purpose as normal acoustic guitarOverall:And acoustic guitar is better for beginers because it is easier to play. Unlike an electric, there is no need for an amp. and is overall cheaper. Also, when you know how to play the acoustic guitar, you will still need to learn a little about an electric one. Its like playing a violin, then moving onto a chelo. You know for the most part, what to do, but still must practice a little.

27-Nov-12 11:21 AM

qicrad    Said...

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jvxteuh    Said...

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