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WNAMM12: Digitech iStomp Demonstration And Future Developments
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AndyB    Said...

Rich, Just get a Zoom G3! 3 pedals of your choice, each with it's own controls and LCD - no messing with iPhones. I bought one a few months back - sounds damn fine.

20-Jan-12 03:31 AM

GuitarExtended    Said...


I program my effects in Pure Data. It's a free software and it's virtually unlimited. I write a blog on the subject :

27-Jan-12 08:54 AM

GaryF    Said...

I just purchased the iStomp and have to admit it's a well built pedal and the tones are really good. I have a GT10 and a Yamaha magic stomp and love those units. The istomp is suitable for me because I may jsut want a single stomp to quickly grab for a practice or jam session or for playing at church and all I may need is to interchange between 2 effects (clean and other)and this pedal gives me that on the fly without compromising tone. Hats off to Digitech.

25-Feb-12 08:23 AM

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