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WNAMM12: New Hardware Analog Synth
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Derek    Said...

This looks and sounds awesome--and all analog?? Jesus. A complete 180 degree turn from the Origin, and not a moment too soon!

19-Jan-12 11:57 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

For the price this thing is a monster. I love the sound of a Steiner Parker filter (best high pass filter in the industry). Lots of knobs and sliders. I hope to see a 61 key version. Cannot wait to play this baby.

19-Jan-12 11:59 AM

funkdefino    Said...

Leave it to Arturia to make an analog synth that sounds as thin and lifeless as a plugin.

19-Jan-12 01:35 PM

loneraver    Said...

Oh damn! This looks very interesting. I want to hear what it sounds unmixed but as that price I'm very excited.

19-Jan-12 03:43 PM

Bjarne D.    Said...

Now this is something else! Looks like it should, and the sound in the clip is sounds so lush. Can't wait to have a go with it!

19-Jan-12 05:09 PM

aymat    Said...

@funkdefino - are you serious? you must be trolling

19-Jan-12 05:31 PM

RedWalks    Said...

I have the suspect Arturia is licensing some of their french analog manufacturing friends. (for e.g. Shruti and Xoxbox) Pretty cool idea - else I couldn`t understand why the Big 3 have such a big deal not bringing another VA or Rompler.

19-Jan-12 06:06 PM

Gaz    Said...

Wow! This is exactly the right product someone should be making and I find it highly interesting that Arturia are the ones doing it. They have a great track record with soft synths and unquestionably the whole Origin thing will have taught them loads about product design and how bitchy the webosphere is about stuff! Way to go our French cousins!

19-Jan-12 06:38 PM

loneraver    Said...

After listening to the demos on their website I have to say that the sound is very bright and aggressive but not very warm. It might be a good lead sound but I don't see myself using this for bass sounds.

19-Jan-12 08:13 PM

Phil    Said...

I'm very curious about this one. To me it sounds like a sort-of-mutant between a pro-one and an ms-20.

19-Jan-12 08:25 PM

Ted    Said...

Wow! I have been waiting for something nearly this good for the price, I thought it would be Korg's next Mono-series entry. The Minibrute has 99% of what I'd like in an analog mono synth. True osc sync and wood side panels would be my only wish list features.

19-Jan-12 09:34 PM

xyzzy    Said...

I guess there isn't much to sync when there's only one oscillator. :P

20-Jan-12 12:21 AM

DBM    Said...

@ nickB any plans for larger or even keyless models ?

That said this is a huge surprise . The OSC options make it redundant to be more than 1 OSC , thank god not another Moog clone filter . Sounds very aggressive . I think I need it . Still can't get over the fact it comes from the guys with the most tame plugins dongles can buy ... Crazy

20-Jan-12 06:13 AM

robgs    Said...

For all it's features that video sucked - let's play one sound while a guy who can't keep track of time, set an alarm, shut his front door or has no sense of direction runs around town...

20-Jan-12 07:13 AM

xyzzy    Said...

I like the (perhaps unintentional) subtle message in the video: leave your laptop at home.. grab a real synth!

20-Jan-12 11:13 AM

Ted    Said...

xyzzy: OK, let's toss another osc in there and call it perfect.

20-Jan-12 12:35 PM

xyzzy    Said...

To clarify: I was not saying that one oscillator is not enough. ;)

This and a Minitaur and I can start my own demolition company... drool!

20-Jan-12 11:44 PM

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