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WNAMM12: launches - Very Cool Hot Stuff
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Paul    Said...

I have performed with the cool flame inventions at Rockstar Pyro and they will blow your mind. You feel like a real Fire Wizard when you create huge fire and flames out of nowhere with their invisible flame devices. There are no heavy tanks, no gas hoses, no electric hook-ups and everything is totally portable. You can perform amazing and unbelievable flame magic with the new SAFE COOL FIRE products from Rockstar Pyro ( Very affordable, Fire Department Approved and a lot of true fun to perform with. Crowds go wild and crazy when they see this - GUARANTEED!

09-Feb-12 06:14 PM

Jim    Said...

I have seen the incredible special effects of Rockstar Pyro and they are kick ass mind blowing visuals. Their Fire Breathing Guitar is totally awesome and I don't have any idea how their Flame Thrower Microphone can be sung into at the same time it is shooting huge flames out of it. Screws with your mind and makes you wonder how in the hell they do it. Very cool stuff! Every band should check out these guys and their toys.

09-Feb-12 06:47 PM

Dale    Said...

Rockstar Pyro is beyond 'COOL'! Go to their Facebook and their website and blow your mind. Their Flame Systems are the best and most original that I have ever seen. Their Youtube video shows it all in action and seeing is believing. However, I saw it and I still don't believe it! Very strange and VERY cool!

13-Feb-12 05:26 PM

Rick Channell    Said...

CSG.Guitars are glad to be a part of Rock Star Pyro with our wicked line Fire Ax that we showed off at the 2012 Namm show and getting new Product of the year want to see more of what C.S.G Guitars has go to

20-Aug-12 03:30 PM

Shannon    Said...

Wow,wow,wow, This really amazing... Very novel and inventive

06-Nov-13 08:52 PM

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