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WNAMM12: 88-Key Nord Piano 2
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Aaand what's new about it?

18-Jan-12 06:51 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

When is Clavia going to ditch the red color or at least give us an option of black.

18-Jan-12 07:52 AM

raphus    Said...

Unfortunately, they'll keep red for a long time. I'd pay more for black. If this thing had pressure sensitivity and a mod wheel, I'd buy it as a MIDI controller, too.

18-Jan-12 10:03 AM

Marcus Aurelius    Said...

Piano's will never have aftertouch, go to Stage 2 for that.. that's got a dedicated synth section not sample synth like this one. This is mainly for Piano and EPs which never need pressure sensitivity.

19-Jan-12 06:19 AM

raphus    Said...

...but it's half the price of a Stage 2, and the Stage 2 has features I'll never use. Several other manufacturers make more affordable weighted 88-key controllers that are pressure sensitive; if Clavia did, I'd buy theirs instead.

19-Jan-12 11:15 AM

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