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WNAMM12: Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer
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Mattsynth    Said...

Wow, it dosn't get no uglier than this unit and only one big knob.I was getting all excited about this unit and then "bang" what a disappointment. It reminds me of the 4 voice Tetra from Dave Smith but without the pure analog part. I hope this thing sounds good because it is not winning any awards for looks or ease of use.

17-Jan-12 10:09 AM

xyzzy    Said...

I'm not sure which is uglier--the M-Audio Venom or this...

Also: real hardware! Excellent! Real hardware without lots of dedicated, hands-on controls? Aaargh. Even the Waldorf RackAttack had four knobs.

Still interesting, though. I'm eager to hear what it sounds like.

17-Jan-12 10:37 AM

minijack    Said...

I just realized it only has a mono audio output. That's a pretty big bummer, too. If it's 4 channel, it should have 4 outputs. Still really excited to hear how it sounds, though.

17-Jan-12 11:17 AM

fac    Said...

Looks pretty simple to program. Select the parameter you want to edit (one or two button presses, apparently) and turn the wheel. Much easier than the desktop Mopho.

The single output might be an issue for some, but can't really complain at this price point.

I don't need this since I can already do great drum sounds with my G2, but I'm a nord fan and would love to try it.

17-Jan-12 05:14 PM

Viclutien    Said...

I already love this, by the look of the parameters on the front panel, this thing will reproduce Simmons SDS8 electronic drum sounds. There is nothing out there that can do that. Cross fingers.

17-Jan-12 05:31 PM

SyntheticDrummer    Said...

It doesn't look like it delivers anything that present software can't do. I'm interested in audio demos, but I'm very skeptical.

17-Jan-12 06:12 PM

Nick B    Said...

we will be getting a one on one demo of this Friday or Saturday

17-Jan-12 09:40 PM

Signal to Noise    Said...

I am amased to see one audio out!! What the hell. Is it a toy? Anyone using hardware (the majority of people producing for vinyl etc) are going to pass this. How do you pan, eq etc a single audio out ? Akai samplers led the way with eight outs. Everything is going full circle.Dave smith has produced a credible drum machine with 6 outs. Clavia have made the Ipad wallas a new toy ,for trax that will never see the light of day!!

18-Jan-12 06:37 AM

Viclutien    Said...

I don't think one audio output is bad, it'just not as good. but keep in mind that this unit will not replace a full size kit, this is more like an addition to an existing kit. You can add an effect processor to it, to get global Pan for all channels which would be my referred setup in the first place.

18-Jan-12 07:39 AM

SYNTHman    Said...

I have a G1 and it has the same setup but has many more voices. It does create excellent vintage drum sounds but if you are looking for a 808, 909 or CR78 sounds it cannot copy that very well. Clavia is also known for droping there software updates for their discontinued instruments so buyer be aware.

18-Jan-12 08:02 AM

fac    Said...

"How do you pan, eq etc a single audio out ?"

Well, many people using hardware surely have a mixer. Also, some people have been suggesting that the output jack may be stereo (like a headphones jack) - though I don't see a panning parameter in the interface.

I don't see guitarists complaining about having only one mono out.

And if you want to record and treat each sound individually, you can sequence it with MIDI and play back the sequence muting all the sounds except the one you want to record as audio. Sure, it's not ideal, but also not such a big deal.

18-Jan-12 10:57 AM

minijack    Said...

seems they designed it with live drummers in mind, which is kind of strange, you'd think clavia would realize their audience for a product like this is techno heads....

18-Jan-12 11:48 AM

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