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Sonic LAB: Novation Impulse Review
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tob    Said...

Very good review, thanks!

16-Jan-12 07:37 AM

Andrew    Said...

Impulse "clicky-clacky" keyboard is total rubbish in comparison to SL series. Also the unit looks and feels very cheap. Returned it after one day of use...

16-Jan-12 08:07 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

Nice to see you back Shorn and a very nice review. In-depth about just the right things, thx. Sounds like I should go take one for a spin.

16-Jan-12 09:40 AM

Pablo    Said...

61 keys, my man!

16-Jan-12 10:49 AM

Midi boy    Said...

Good review man, nice to see some enthusiasm and no sign of an IPAD. Well done. When will Novation be fetching out another hardware synth like the KS rack.

16-Jan-12 03:52 PM

AudioNerd    Said...

Great video!

16-Jan-12 05:09 PM

Rich    Said...

I have both an SL and an Impulse. I think the SL series is much better for production e.g. in the studio due to the layout of knobs and faders and screen feedback but the Impulse is great for gigging with.. 61 piano-style keys + mod and pitch and assignable knobs and sliders. I do think the build quality is a bit cheap on the Impulse compared to the SL. It feels a bit like a hollow plastic box sometimes.

16-Jun-12 07:07 AM

BO'gz    Said...

Nice ... entertaining review.. I felt like I tried the Novation Impulse just by watching... Thanks bro, you did a service.. Now this is up there on my priorety list. Cheers to Novation!

21-Jul-12 01:30 PM

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