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WNAMM12: More Info On The Casio WX-P1 Synth
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Koshdukai    Said...

The only good thing about that picture up until now: generous LCD display, the keyboard and that clear area to the right, perfect for a laptop (or a drum machine) :)

12-Jan-12 06:26 AM

execlass2    Said...

That empty flat area to the right looks either like a lid (and if so, what's inside?), or a placeholder that's nearly the size of an iPad (in that case, the raised bar at the bottom would be useful to keep it in place). Curious ...curious....

12-Jan-12 07:07 AM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

Interesting about the Casio. Disappointed with no PD but the fact that Casio are back in the game might mean a PD synth might follow soon. Don't forget that the R&D costs in this space are hellish more expensive than their current home keyboard market so the commercial risks have to be managed accordingly. If the XW-P1 generates sufficient interest then they might be inclined to pull the trigger on a PD synth later on. Looking at the picture the flat area to the right wouldn't be big enough for anything other than an iPad or small netbook, my lappy would defintely not sit there comfortably, it is intriguing though. The look is great though, note the flat front on the keys as opposed to overhangs you normally get.

13-Jan-12 02:54 AM

A-Pete    Said...

Is the area to the right not just a built-speaker, following standard Casio tradition? I really hope this is built properly, and not a cheap plasticy monstrosity like many of their current lines.

13-Jan-12 05:07 AM

Namm soon!    Said...

Keys look like 'piano type' rather than synth type. I hope its not just a home keyboard with lipstick on?

13-Jan-12 07:16 AM

Peter K.    Said...

An iPad, Tetra or Minitaur look like they could rest quite comfortably there... Definitely interested...

14-Jan-12 03:05 PM

bitnig    Said...

Utter shite. When will someone release a proper hybrid synth?

14-Jan-12 07:45 PM

rtofvnt    Said...

It seems like they did drop a ball about this - new era started, but nothing about WX-P1.

19-Jan-12 04:50 AM

xyzzt    Said...

The awful useless demo video was pulled! I think that's a first for NAMM coverage :P

20-Jan-12 08:43 AM

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