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Your Laptop's New Best Friend?
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PierreM    Said...

Am i the only one who would prefer a 76-note controller with only a system that would simply securely hold the laptop on the keyboard?

12-Jan-12 10:20 AM

Mike    Said...

I would prefer a 49 key version. 25 keys just does not make sense to me.

12-Jan-12 11:02 AM

moss    Said...

76 key midi controllers are really rare. That's a shame.

12-Jan-12 11:40 AM

raphus    Said...

I prefer 76 for playing and 36 or 49 for sitting in front of the computer. And I use three AUs that have X/Y controllers, so a joystick or trackpad is vital. Looks like I'm sticking with my X-Station.

12-Jan-12 02:16 PM

Music Computing    Said...

We have 49-key versions in stock. We didn't release it because the people we surveyed said they did not need it.

Contact us if you are interested.

Music Computing, Inc.

14-Jan-12 03:34 AM

fedor    Said...

What's the difference with other controllers? Where's that 'touch' bit here?

17-Jan-12 06:11 AM

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