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Akai Announces Next Generation MPCs
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Nick B    Said...

Akai are remaining tight lipped about this, I did try to squeeze the pricing and availablity out of my contacts there, but no dice. Namm will presumbaly give us the opportunity to put some more pointy questions

05-Jan-12 06:21 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

ah, now I understand why it looked so bulky on the email pic this morning. It's also an audio and MIDI interface, besides being a controller.

Ok, nice :) ...guess the price will tell us how much of these boxes will Akai sell, then :)

05-Jan-12 06:28 AM

Nick B    Said...

And when they are available, the Synthstation 49 still hasnt shipped

05-Jan-12 07:10 AM

geo303    Said...

And when they actually work properly, remember the MPC4000 and 5000 launches. Though I really hope Akai get this right from the start as it looks like an awesome product.

05-Jan-12 04:41 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

That 1,2,3 sample got annoying real quick.

05-Jan-12 11:10 PM

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