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Review - Boss BC-2 Combo Drive Pedal
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Rocky Dennis    Said...

Since this is an AC-30 inspired pedal, I'm surprised you didn't try to get a Beatles sound or a Brian May sound in the video. I mean, since this is what Boss is advertising as the selling point of this pedal, this is what we want to know - particularly how it stacks up to something like the Tech 21 Liverpool.

22-Dec-11 01:35 PM

Artamus    Said...

Nice demo, thanks. I don't think Boss is "Running out of colors" tho, they obviously made this one burgundy/brown to match the control panel on the Vox AC 30. If Vox had been a partner with Boss on this one, like Fender is on their pedals, they probably would have used mini chicken head knobs as well.

01-Apr-12 04:45 PM

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