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Arturia Oberheim SEM V Ships
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GuruOne    Said...

Now I guess we'll see if Spiersy (FINALLY) steps up to the plate to rls. his version of this baby :)

19-Dec-11 01:08 AM

Flacidware,    Said...

They have done a great job of trying to pass this of as hardware, For a minute I was trying to suss out what it was, the term 'ships' is meant when some thing is physical object, it is just another shit piece of software . You can buy a small analogue synthesisers (with knobs on!!)for a amost the same price. Utter wank!!!

19-Dec-11 07:47 AM

mattsynth    Said...

If I know Arturia (from pass experiences) this thing will sound great. It won't work 100% for about a 1/2 year but it will sound great. There software are very reasonably priced and they never charge for updates. I like that about Aurturia. There hardware on the other hand is very buggy and the quality is just OK. I returned a Origin last year because of multiple bugs. With Arturia software you are pretty safe and this one will be in my VST rack soon.

19-Dec-11 08:00 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

It's a very inspiring and fun to play with "little" big synth.

There's a lot of interesting and useful extras to original SEM emulation. It's almost like having the 8 voice SEM (minus the unison mode)

Works great and sound lovely.

19-Dec-11 09:16 AM

Narc    Said...

Flacidware, you are talking nonsense. The term shipping is not unique to hardware, it is used for many a software product including Propellerhead Reason. I agree that it was a bit confusing from the ads whether this was a hardware or software synth though.

20-Dec-11 06:10 AM

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