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Sonic Touch - iPad Music Show Ep 3
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Emperors new clothes.    Said...

To me this is really sad, it's like a child's toy.I think down the line there will be red faces about all these shit'apps' that people played with, Maybe sonic state (to discount my cynicism) could keep a record of the number of released tracks made on the Ipads/Ipods.

05-Dec-11 10:57 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Popular music is littered with the sound of a children's toys. Kraftwerk used the Mattel Bee Gees Rhythm Machine keyboard on "Pocket Calculator". OMD used the Speak & Spell Machine to great effect on "Dazzle Ships". The B52's used a toy piano on "Dance this Mess Around." The "Gizmodgery" album by Self used only children's toys as instruments.

Apps - even silly apps - are no different.

In April punk band The Ultramods released an album recorded entirely in Garageband. Admittedly, it's not very good. But anything that makes noise is fair game.

05-Dec-11 12:02 PM

steve jobs can I have your I pad    Said...

I love freakey techno, and naff synthesiser sounds,(doppler effect,drexciya etc) we need to remember the mac gear is very expensive and not 'toy' prices. They are fetishised items and are given a value greater than their worth.a ten quid speak and spell is not quite in the same bracket as Apples expensive kit. If it comes down to opinion, I think grown men getting a bit worked up about a shit music app .Is sad. It doesn't stop me liking experimental music!!! Kraftwerk stole 'their' sound from Conny Plank ( read I was a Robot Karl Bartos)

05-Dec-11 01:56 PM

DBM    Said...

Anything can be a toy in the wrong hands . Look at the bizillon utube vids of modular systems that cost more than a luxury car just to make an 8 step bleep blob loop . So for the in fad anti apple naysayers . If the iOS devices don't do it for you it' a matter of taste . So why waist your time watching a pod cast about something you are not interested in ? Naff off ; )

05-Dec-11 03:24 PM

H9000    Said...

Great show! :-) PS. Worth checking out Gorillaz "The Fall" - an album made on iPad only.

05-Dec-11 03:46 PM

Apple mac people seem uncomfortable with criticism of there fetish gear    Said...

I watched them cause I thought it was bollocks, I was intrigued, I have choice too and am amused by trends in technology.I have been into music tech many years. you must be an apple Mac man? Am I right? I am 44 , music tech tutor,including radio production/midi sequencing etc I make techno (20 plus vinyl releases in ,America and europe etc) I think I am entitled to an opinion. That software was a joke .

05-Dec-11 03:59 PM

wil    Said...

thanks guys another very informative show. looking forward to many more Sonic Touchs!

06-Dec-11 10:08 AM

michael    Said...

who is crazy_unka?

06-Dec-11 01:39 PM

fluffyclouds    Said...

loving the show(s) so far! :]

06-Dec-11 07:05 PM

Brazda lui Novac    Said...

If your music sounds bad on the iPad then your problem is not the iPad for sure, check somewhere else ;)

07-Dec-11 08:12 AM

ZeroSumAbsurdem    Said...

We should all be MANLY MEN and dig holes in A MUDDY FIELD in the COLD & WET with IRON SHOVELS because THEN & ONLY THEN can we PROVE that we are MEN WORKING WITH TOOLS and NOT BOYS PLAYING WITH TOYS!!! Such OxShyte. Whimsy is Industry. Do want you want. All day long.

09-Dec-11 08:07 AM


Interesting show.. Will get better as you guys refine the demos etc.

Interesting that there is a lot synth talk - especially on Messr Batt's shows.. The trouble with synths is, like all musical instruments, you need to learn to play one. Just having a "toy" or an expensive modular doesn't mean you can play one and make good music (whatever that may be nowadays!). You still need to spend time learning it. I have seen and heard far to many people with synths just doodling around and producing rubbish!!

Hm maybe SonicState/SonicTalk should develop a series of "master classes" on how to play a synth?

10-Dec-11 05:17 AM

Mike in T.O.    Said...

Great show! I got the iKaosilator on your recommendation. I have having a lot of fun with. However, on my Ipod Touch, it kills a fully charged battery in about an hour :( Do you find this the same on the iPad?

10-Dec-11 12:31 PM

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