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Yamaha Upgrades Affordable Digital Console
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Bert    Said...

err, the orignal 01v was launched in 1998, the O1v96 came in 2003. So your headline is wrong, fools.

21-Nov-11 06:16 AM

Moroe    Said...

What a poor "upgrade".

I hoped that it will get more simultaneous effects.

Four effects at once is not really 2011!!!!

21-Nov-11 11:32 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Surely Yamaha could have released a card for the existing O1V96 with USB2? And - I was under the impression that USB2 is not good for streaming data - hence firewire. My deepest concern, as an existing 01V96 user, it that Yamah will drop mLan driver sustaining into the future (I use an )1V96 as my main interface). Finally - surely offering a card with, say, USB2, Firewire 800 and thunderbolt all on the same card would have made the 01V96 hugely desirable and arrtactive. I must say - he 01V96 is fabulous - a real powerhouse - 24 physical inputs, 40 channels with EQ, 4 effects procerssors, stunning routing and so on. What a workhorse. In that sense the inclusion of their modelling effects and superior preaps makes it an exquisite piece of kit.

21-Nov-11 01:05 PM

NIck B    Said...

Thanks for the headsup Bert, headline changed - sorry about that.

21-Nov-11 01:15 PM

BC    Said...

Too bad they didn't include the feature that would allow the mixer to record (prefade tracks + stereo mix) directly to a USB drive.

Behringer is introducing two mixers that will have this feature.

Many people use this mixer in live situations.

Why do I have to drag a PC to a remote.

Just throw a USB drive in the mixer and hit record.

21-Nov-11 02:35 PM

Not Again!    Said...

All these USB2 interfaces that are flooding the market are just filling the gap as thunderbolt and USB3 duke it out. USB3 chipsets (particularly on laptops) aren't reliable yet (note the video field where manufacturers like BlackMagic have a very limited list of PC's with USB 3 that can achieve the necessary throughput/bandwidth for HD video work). And PC's will be really slow to adopt thunderbolt, since it's mainly being pushed by Apple. We don't even have a thunderbolt audio interface from Apple's new best friend Apogee yet. So what are all the other players to do? Freese sales of their interfaces until we see where USB3 and thunderbolt are going? No, they stick the more common USB2 interface on everything (even though it's a dead end). MOTU didn't know what the heck to do and stuck both firewire and USB2 on their entire line. Lousy time to upgrade. Stick with what you have until the next gen protocol proves itself with reliable performance and drivers.

21-Nov-11 03:11 PM

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