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Podcast: SONIC TALK 243 - Live From Sonic Towers
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PasiK    Said...

Nick, why u-stream shows only three shows from last year available for iOS playback? I usually listen to the shows from my iOS devices, would be nice to be able to stream the video version instead...

17-Nov-11 12:01 PM

Nick B    Said...

I didnt figure out how to put it all together to record a local copy and then upload to Ustream till this year basically. We archive the show locally, then I play it out to ustream for archive. An hour of video is a lot of data to offer for download ourselves.

17-Nov-11 12:07 PM

DPtronic    Said...

There is few presets for the u-he DIVA. Follow the link below.

17-Nov-11 10:13 PM

Japansynth aka other kiwi    Said...

Great fun chaps. Nice to so you all in flesh, albeit pixellated. The jam was really remarkable, who could have predicted the range of instruments available to you even 5 years ago

18-Nov-11 05:53 AM

Woo    Said...

I can never make it for the live show so is there a way to save chatroom comments for later viewing?

19-Nov-11 07:23 PM

PasiK    Said...

Right, so why isn't the archived versions viewable on the iOS u-stream app? Should you click some options on/off when uploading or is this just up to U-stream service??

20-Nov-11 08:43 AM

Nick B    Said...

I dont know that we can have iOS for ustream, never seen that option. Maybe if you pay for the commercial version of it? If you spot something I've missed - let me know..

We'll take a look at the download optiion for video, its just such a large file the bandwidth will be a killer

20-Nov-11 02:47 PM

PasiK    Said...

You can find the official app at iTunes AppStore, there is only the free client available. I can see only SonicTalk 180 and 181 and the Jordan Rudess MorphWiz videos in the archive. Maybe you uploaded those with different options or something?

21-Nov-11 11:29 AM

PasiK    Said...

Here were some points about the iOS app: . Among them was this tidbit "Note: If the show that you are searching for is set to private (you must have a password to view the channel) you will not be able to locate the show from the iOS application.". But I guess that doesn't apply to SonicTalk archives.

21-Nov-11 11:49 AM

PasiK    Said...

This might be the problem and solution:

21-Nov-11 12:07 PM

Nick B    Said...

pasik- thanks so much for finding that out, I think I know how to do that now, though it does have to be at upload stream, unfortunately not retrospectively. I will give it a try next week.

21-Nov-11 02:31 PM

PasiK    Said...

NP, but could you consider uploading a "M" (for mobile) version of this live show? I mean this show is one of the landmark shows with everyone face-to-face...

23-Nov-11 11:45 AM

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